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My design approach is flexible and allows us to move at the right pace for you to get the room, home or space that you need.

One-off consultation

It may be that you are already underway, can’t afford a more dedicated service or have got stuck on specific design choices. In this case, a focussed consultation can help.  

This session might include:

  • Working on paint colours, floor plans or layouts.

  • Reviewing kitchen designs or furniture placement.

  • Styling and finishing off.

  • Re-visiting something that hasn't worked from a previous project.

Typically this translates into half day consultation: approximately 2.5 hours together on site, followed by a detailed response summarising what we’ve discussed and my suggestions.


I enjoy working on projects of all sizes.  A new build house, and small scale commercial scheme, full or partial renovation projects or simply revitalising a single room in your home. Engaging me as your interior designer will give you a full bespoke, creative decoration service. 

Depending on the scale, this may involve:

  • Technical support such as analysing lighting schemes or layouts.

  • Choosing finishes like flooring and paint colours. 

  • Soft finishes like blinds, curtains and upholstery.

  • Designing joinery, cabinetry, and bespoke furniture.

  • Specifying and ordering furniture, lighting artwork and objects.

Project Management

Sitting alongside my interior design work, I also offer ‘project management’ and can act as the principal liaison between you, your architect and contractors.


This takes the myriad of smaller decisions off your plate by filtering the important messages and information to you whilst maintaining a professional level of pressure and interrogation on your contractors.

Bringing my previous project experience to bear I can help keep your build work on track and reduce the stress on you.

Nb. I don’t manage contract budgets or timescales.


Charged hourly or by the project. Initial meeting free. Half day consultation with written response and design leads, £300 +vat.
Tel: +44 07580 006309
Preston Farm House, Shoreham, Kent TN14 7UD
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