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Jessica Bax designer and director of Jessica Bax Interiors



Who I am

I'm Jesse and I love making beautiful homes and spaces. I started my career as an interiors journalist and stylist 20 years ago, retrained as an interior designer after having children and launched my business in 2020.

I combine my experience, sense of style, passion and artistic creativity with your needs, wishes and budget. My friendly approach will give you confidence to share your ideas without fear of getting it “wrong".

My Principals

Being Sustainable - I will always seek to reuse and repurpose what you have, mixing in antiques or beautiful second hand furniture, with new pieces and materials that minimise waste and environmental harm.

Designing Practically - I believe great design looks amazing but also works to make your house more liveable and more durable. Keeping an eye on the small details that make a big difference.

My Style

Timeless - I believe great design gets better with age. I mix origins and eras to create homes that appear to have evolved over time. 

Relaxed - My finished projects are homely and informal creating spaces that feel comfortable and welcoming for those using them.

Colourful - I mix colours, pattern, artwork and objects to create homes that resonate with individuality and wow factor. 

Beyond Work

I enjoy taking long walks with my dog (and family), cooking, entertaining and occasional running. I also love to travel and explore when possible.

Closer to home, I will often be found poking around a bric a brac shop, flea market, antique or charity shop searching out an overlooked interiors gem.

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